THE TIME is NOW to update the LINKS Service

Thirteen years have passed since the original LINKS route was created and the timing is right to make service updates and enhancements.

Business is booming in San Leandro’s industrial areas. A recent influx of new businesses, the opening of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, and a general economic recovery warrant updates to the LINKS route to ensure that the service meets current and future needs.
Over the past several years, AC Transit has reduced the scale and frequency of its service in West San Leandro. LINKS plays a critical role in filling this gap.
Studies show a trend of workers driving less and preferring other modes such as transit and biking for commuting. For the newest generation of workers, there is an expectation of effective transportation alternatives that reduce the need to drive. LINKS helps San Leandro attract innovative companies in growth industries.

Although LINKS riders report high satisfaction, an opportunity exists to provide:

• More frequent service with shorter headways

• Reduced time required for a round-trip ride

• Connections to businesses that previously could not access LINKS After extensive outreach to businesses and in-depth work with transportation experts, the SLTMO is proposing to divide the LINKS route into two distinct loops.

The north and south loops will shorten headways to 15 minutes and reduce the round trip to about 30 minutes. The result will be a much quicker trip to and from the BART station.

Businesses with 50+ employees will comply with new air quality rules and save money.

BID Fee and Renewal Process

Beginning in 2014, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is implementing a new Commuter Benefits Program that requires all employers with 50 or more full-time employees to provide commuter benefits to their employees. To comply with the Program, employers must select one (or more) of four commuter benefit options and register with the program by September 30, 2014. Participation in the LINKS Business Improvement District satisfies Option 3 (“Employer Provided Transit”) under the new BAAQMD program, allowing businesses to save both time and money.

The BID expires this year and must be re-authorized through a balloting process of the participating businesses. The assessment has been simplified from past years. The proposed BID is a simple fee of $21 per employee, per year. If approved, each business within 1/4 mile of the LINKS route will pay the fee as part of the annual Business License renewal process. Nonprofits and businesses with three or fewer employees will be exempt from the BID. Ballots will be mailed to all businesses within the LINKS BID in September 2014 and the balloting will last for 45 days. If the ballot is successful, approval of the BID will be considered at a Public Hearing of the San Leandro City Council in November 2014.



Wow, i can’t believe how easy it is to hop aboard and get exactly where i want to go. San Leandro isn’t that big, but the LINKS sure makes it easier getting around. Everyone is pleasant, including the driver, not to mention it’s always clean.
Martiza Martin, Precision Graphics

90% say the service is good to excellent in the latest 2013 survey

4 out of 5 Riders use LINKS to commute to work

Two-thirds of the riders have been using the LINKS/BART connection for more than one year

Service Rating 90%
4 out of 5 80%
2/3 66%