Thirteen years have passed since the original route was created and the timing is right to consider service updates and enhancements during the upcoming BID renewal period. In 2014, several factors led to the SLTMO exploring options for enhancing and updating the service:

• New growth and development in West San Leandro: Business is booming in San Leandro’s industrial areas.Arecentinfluxofnewbusinesses, the opening of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, and a general economic recovery warrant revisiting the LINKS route to ensure that the service meets current and future needs.

• Reductions in AC Transit services:

Over the past several years, AC Transit has reduced the scale and frequency of its service in West San Leandro. LINKS plays a critical role in filling this gap.

• National trend in transit-ridership growth: Studies show a trend of workers driving less and preferring other modes such as transit and biking for commuting. For the newest generation of workers, there is an expectation of effective transportation alternatives that reduce the need to drive. LINKS helps San Leandro attract innovative companies in growth industries.